Igorrr - Hallelujah 2x12" + CD

Igorrr - Hallelujah 2x12" + CD

The apocalyptic album by the French Baroquecore artist takes breakcore to another level...

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Collaborating the-hell-out of this project this record took four years in the making. And you hear every day of it. A bombination of styles presented in a high-definition production. More singing, more madness, more opera, more metal, more what-the-heck beats...

Igorrr truely is the Doctor Emmet Brown of his genre.


01 | Tout Petit Moineau
02 | Damaged Wig
03 | Absolute Psalm
04 | Cicadidae
05 | Vegetable Soup
06 | Lullaby for a Fat Jellyfish
07 | Grosse Barbe
08 | Corpus Tristis
09 | Scarlatti 2.0
10 | Toothpaste
11 | Infinite Loop 

Comes as a gatefold double 12" including the whole album on CD.

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