Petrels - Onkalo 2x12" LP

Petrels - Onkalo 2x12" LP

The second album of the drone / ambient composer Oliver Barrett turns out to be a landmark for the genre.

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Like "Haeligewielle", "Onkalo" is a loose concept album, or as Barrett puts it, “a theme (with) tangents”. His signature sound, a blend of bowed strings and heavy keys, would make him an easy entry in a Wire blindfold test.  

But Onkalo is also a different beast.  

The title, which means “hiding place”, refers to a Finnish facility that is currently under construction, meant to house nuclear waste for the next hundred thousand years.  The existence of such a facility leads to numerous questions, including those of legacy; when everything else has gone, humans may be known only for their garbage.  



01 | Hinkley Point Balloon Release 
02 | Giulio's Throat
03 | On The Dark Great Sea
04 | Time Buries The Door
05 | White And Dodger Herald The Atomic Age 
06 | Trim Tab pt.1 
07 | Trim Tab pt.2 
08 | Characterisation Level
09 | Kindertransport 

### NOTE: we managed to get one (!) copy in colored vinyl. If you purchase "Onkalo" along with the [ B O L T ] / PETRELS Split 10" it will be yours ###

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