DaFake Pandas debut is a thrill ride across the shores of Breakcore, Dubstep and freeform music.

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DaFake Panda is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound-designer and free-jazz drummer from Paris, France. He declares his style to be an experimental, dadaistic and glitchy approach to the conventionally accepted music-genres such as dubstep and breakcore.

His debut "SOCIOPATH" lures you in with some beautifully calm melodies. Just to hit you in the face with a baseball bat when you least expect it. 

He is not afraid to leave the boundaries of his genre and samples everything he gets his hands on. During your listening session you keep on trying to put your finger on what kind of instrument he is currently using and as soon as you think you have it, it disappears somewhere between break core drums and a stomach wrangling low-frequency bass. This conglomerate of audio fragments is enriched by vocals, pleasant guitar riffs and melodies that remind you of scraps of forgotten memories. Imagine standing in a gloomy and eerie cellar hearing someone play old chansons through a gramophone a couple of stories up.

The music of dafake panda presents itself as an audio-chemical solution with a thick and dark texture. An earcandy for fans of musicians like Igorrr, Broken Note and everyone who's brave enough to add a fresh attempt to a genre at the risk repeating itself.

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01 | Antisocial Personality Disorder
02 | The Rorschach Test
03 | Michto
04 | To insanity
05 | Bagarre
06 | Interlude
07 | Sociopath
08 | Neurotic
09 | Interlude #2
10 | W.W.F.  

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