Matta - The Lost 12"

Matta - The Lost 12"

A highly promising new dubstep duo with a brilliantly produced debut release that has already caused some trouble and exitement in "the scene".

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With three perfectly ballanced tracks, roaming at the edges of the dupstep-genre and sometimes even touching breakcore these two british producers deserve each and every premature praise they've recieved. Forget about the usual wobble, this record comes along with enough weight to shatter each floor around. It's recommended to write the name "Matta" on one of the top positions on your most-wanted-list.
A must for every heavy bass fan and listener of their labelmates Broken Note and Mathhead.


A1 | Inquisition part III
A2 | Suicide Stutter

B1 | Solar Driftwood (featuring The Abyss)

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