Contra - Enter the Winter

Contra - Enter the Winter

"All tracks recorded on expensive equipment," boasts the sleeve, a refreshing change from the usual "I made this with a Commodore 64 and a fuzz box"...

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Contra comes up with spectacular digital hardcore between aphex twin and throbbing gristle. Fractured Beats surrounded by samples and outstanding basslines, tearing up your soul, eating the torn parts and spitting them out again. This is a must-have record for friends of aphex twins and other dirty electronic hardcore.


01 | Biotapestry X
02 | Young Nation
03 | Faiths In Decline
04 | A Minimal Future
05 | In The Bloodstream
06 | Slime
07 | Black Nirvana
08 | Obsessionism
09 | Strain
10 | Spoken Word
11 | Biotapestry Z

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