Bong-Ra - Stereotype Heroine Hooker CD

Bong-Ra - Stereotype Heroine Hooker CD

A classic from the god of hellfire himself inviting you to join the breakcore party.

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Delivering some of the most driving rave-athems sometimes isn't enough. So Jason Kohen brought some partners-in-crime along to stress your speakers. The alternate versions of the "Raw Minerals" reach from delirious hardcore to dark grime and make sure this party is one to remember.


"Raw Minerals":
01 | Coke Sniffah
02 | The Rush (Long Time Coming)
03 | Suicide Speed Machine Girl
04 | Death To False Metal

"Old Flesh remixes":
05 | Coke Sniffah - Duran Duran Duran remix
06 | The Rush (Long Time Coming) - Drop The Lime remix
07 | Suicide Speed Machine Girl - Parasite remix
08 | Death To False Metal - Enduser remix

"New Meat remixes":
09 | Coke Sniffah - Cardopusher remix
10 | The Rush (Long Time Coming) - Dr. Bastardo remix
11 | Suicide Speed Machine Girl - Ace Of Breaks remix
12 | Death To False Metal - Cake Builder remix

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