Enduser - Even Weight CD

Enduser - Even Weight CD

After a four years long teeth grinding wait Enduser delivers a(nother) genre defining album.

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"This is not a dance album, it's more of a listening thing" says Lynn Standafer about "Even Weight". The compelling struktures and melodies make it easy for the listener to attentively sit and listen if there weren't these driving beats making you feet tap and your head nod within the wink of an eye.
After all: One the biggest names in Breakcore is back with a record that will be appear in many "best-of-2011" lists.

Also available on 2xLP+CD.

01 | A Little While (with Karsten Pflum)
02 | Distance
03 | Retribution
04 | Decision (Late) (with Architect)
05 | 7 a.m. Fog (with Bonk)
06 | Praise (with O for Odetta)
07 | Reciprocal (with Hecq)
08 | Climbing Backwards
09 | Wrong Turn
10 | Iamthesun: Regret (Enduser version)
11 | A Trip Down (with Architect)
12 | Void (Re-edit)
13 | Stop Asking
14 | Jarboe & Sweet Meat and Love Cult: Ode To V (Enduser Version)

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