Die!Die!Die! - Form CD

Die!Die!Die! - Form CD

Cataclysmic Punk! What?

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It was no aprilfool what came out on April 1st in 2011...

A bursting, headlong garage punk kinda thing but precise as hell and totally captivating.

This may not be what most people expect from the Aentitainment Mailorder but there a special something aout these guys. Words like "Dischord" and "My Bloody Valentine" came like accidentaly in the head. Don't know... don't blame... it's furiously driving good music.

Also available on vinyl.


01 | Caseman
02 | Lil ships
03 | How Ye
04 | Daze
05 | We Built Our Own Oppressors
06 | Paquin
07 | Shine Through
08 | Wasted Lands
09 | HT
10 | Frame


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