Die!Die!Die! - Form LP

Die!Die!Die! - Form LP

Cataclysmic Punk! What?

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It was no aprilfool what came out on April 1st in 2011...

A bursting, headlong garage punk kinda thing but precise as hell and totally captivating.

This may not be what most people expect from the Aentitainment Mailorder but there a special something aout these guys. Words like "Dischord" and "My Bloody Valentine" came like accidentaly in the head. Don't know... don't blame... it's furiously driving good music.

Comes with a downloadcode and is also available on CD.


01 | Caseman
02 | Lil ships
03 | How Ye
04 | Daze
05 | We Built Our Own Oppressors
06 | Paquin
07 | Shine Through
08 | Wasted Lands
09 | HT
10 | Frame


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